The year is 3080 and technology has advanced leaps and bounds. At the center of this new world is Jordan, a young orphan and college athlete. Jordan never expected that her world would turn upside down. But when a box of her father’s old inventions are delivered to her, things start to go awry.


Use W and S to navigate through dialogue choices, Space to accept/continue and Left click to move Jordan. K to skip a line of dialogue. Hold Space to fast forward through a line of dialogue.

If the browser version does not work please try the executable version.


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This was a very awesome story driven game! The controls worked very well, inputs acted as I would expect. The music was very easy on the ears and didn't get tiresome. You should definitely be proud of this game! Great work!!

Shows nothing but a solid blue screen. :/

Did you try with the web version or the installation one?

The web version, I'm on MacBook so I can't install it.

Sorry, it might be late. But I just found that player have to interact with the game screen. Try clicking on the unity logo as it starts up and you will can play


Whoa this is really good! great work! I love the art, music and you were able to code a whole ending system to! I really loved it. Please make a full game and tell more people to play this is great! If you do make a full game you can add more gameplay like moving around and stuff!


I love the music and artstyle! Managed to finish it on happy ending.